RD Power

  • The current resources

    1.Analysis and simulation of blower fan designs

    2.Analysis and simulation of magnetic-circuit

    3.Research and development of driver-circuit

    4.Analysis for noise and vibration measurement, rotor vibration and structure modal analysis

  • Equipment and Facilities

    1.Motor Lab.

    a.analysis of motor characteristics:

    magnetizer, 3D Flux density meter, Flux meter, JMAG, 2D/3D CAD software

    b.Measurement and analysis of vibration and noise:

    Mutichannel sound and vibration analysis system, Triaxial Accelerometer, Accelerometer, 1/2" CCP Free-field Standard Microphone, Portable Handheld Shaker, Sound Calibrator Certificate, semi-anechoic chamber

    c.Load characteristic analysis:

    Universal testing machine, torque meter, wind tunnel

    2.Electrical and Dynamics Lab.

    dynamometer, back EMF measurement stand, Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Differential Probe, Current Probe, AC/DC Power Supply, LCR Meter, Hi-pot Tester, Infrared Cameras, Temperature Data logger

    3.Reliability Lab.

    Thermal Shock Tester, Aging Oven Tester, Temp. & Humi. Chamber, Reactive Vibration Tester, Life Expectancy Tester.

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RD Power