Learning & Development

Employees are the important property in the company, it’s also the key of the development of Business. Dynarechi attach importance of learning for each employee. BaseFollow organizational development and annual operating plan needs planning-related training courses. To upgrade their skills and creativity each of employees, to achieve sustainable business objectives.

  • Comprehensive training development

    Employees within the organization based on short, medium and long-term development and performance of the link, providing a full function of training, in response to organizational development goals, enhance the competitiveness of employees.

  • Systematic training architecture
    1. New Staff Training Courses:Assist new staff familiar with the company organization, the basic payment and benefits, work environment, rapid integration into the team to build understanding and confidence to work.
    2. Professional functions Training:Through various types of professional practice courses, according to the nature and qualifications duties belong to solid training from basic theory and practice of advanced, systematic professional knowledge and skills to enhance staff.
    3. Management functions Training:Enhance the management capacity at all levels of leadership in charge of, optimal management effectiveness, assist colleagues play work, improve performance and promote team success.
    4. Language Proficiency Training Courses:Encourage colleagues to learn a second language and communication skills to expand International vision.
  • Training Assessment System