Compensation & Benefit


        Uphold the principle of performance-oriented and profit-sharing, developing remuneration policy; Dynarechi Corp. provide a fair, leading and improve the quality of the work environment. We consider physical and mental health as keys to our employees, in addition to offering free annual health checkup and management. And to relieve stress, precipitate heart, related community activities organized by the company from time to time to enhance the physical and spiritual health, and promote cross-departmental staff situation Friends and cohesive all the staff centripetal force.


  • Salary and bonus Programs

    At competitive salary levels and the various incentive programs, certainly excellent staff performance and share operating results and employees.

  • Flexible Leave Programs

    With legal regulations and provide the perfect flexible leave program convenient handling and set personal vacation, meet both employees and family philosophy, and obtain work and life balance.

  • Insurance and Retirement Programs

    The company provide comprehensive protection and In accordance with the local regulations, the Company participates in various insurance programs (e.g., labor insurance, national health insurance, group insurance, etc. Colleagues group insurance burden by the company, their dependents can join at their own expense.), in order to increase the overall security.

  • Multivariant Leisure Activities

    Table Tennis Room, Pool Room, Reading Room

  • Life convenience circle

    Share company quality products, providing employees exclusive corporate discounts related products and affiliated stores offer links multivariate colleagues concessions goods and services, to satisfy the necessities of life.

  • Employee Care

    Intimate provide pregnant, disabled employees, especially reserved parking spaces, and has a nursery room for colleagues to create a good working environment.

  • Employee Relations Activities

    All kinds of sports competitions, Hiking, domestic and foreign travel of employees, year-end banquet party, arts and lectures.

  • Health and physical check

    Annual comprehensive health and physical checkup, staff working conditions concern.

  • Subsidy

    Weddings allowance, training allowance, meal allowance, children education allowance, domestic and foreign travel allowance, oil-funded subsidies.

  • Health and tidy canteen

    Providing a variety of fine cuisine.